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PicRoll - Motion Video Frame


Looking for a perfect frame to house and relive your memories? PicRoll is a video digital frame allowing you to cherish your most treasured life events over and over again.

This incredible digital frame allows you to upload multiple images or videos to show off to everyone who passes by. Store up to 1GB of content and watch the magic play out.

Key Benefits

Heavy Duty Minimalist Design - With its acrylic frame material, the PicRoll is durable, making it more shock-resistant than traditional frames. The transparent glass makes it a suitable decor for any room.

Easy to Use - This high-tech display frame allows you to upload with ease. Just plug it into your computer, upload your selected images, and start replaying memories.

Compact Size - This wonderful frame allows you to reminisce fun memories anywhere. Our handy PicRoll has a built in rechargeable feature, making it easy to travel with.

Perfect Gift - Share the power to preserve memories to everyone that you love in life. PicRoll is the ideal gift for any occasion since it combines both style and care.