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HeatPort - Cup Car Blower

Drive With A Crystal-Clear Windshield During Snowy Days!

Having trouble with foggy or snow-covered windshields? HeatPort frees you from the danger of frosted or foggy glass that can obstruct your view of the road.

No need to waste time pre-heating your car since this useful heat blower saves you both time and fuel. HeatPort quickly heats the air within your vehicle to effortlessly melt off frost that's covering all your windows.

Key Benefits

Multi-Purpose Heater - This incredible 3-in-1 air blower is your car's best friend during the winter season. HeatPort can be used to defog your windshield, defrost the windows and even purify the air.

Dual Temperature - With a simple flick of a switch, you can easily change gears and select the air temperature to fit your defogging needs. HeatPort has a selection of warm and natural air to fit your needs.

Suction Mounting - The package includes a rotating mount that can be easily installed onto a flat surface. HeatPort can be conveniently placed in your cup holders or stuck onto your windshield when it needs defrosting.


Portable Size - Some items get easily cluttered in the car, and this functional heat blower is intelligently designed to be small and compact. HeatPort has a simple yet sleek shape, making it easy to spot and store.